Who am I?

• born in Normandie in France (29th August 1957),
• studied geology in Université de Caen in France (already much interested in collecting good looking rocks and doing field mapping),
• joined the industry in 1981, starting as a seismic surveyor in South Yemen and Gabon with C.G.G. and then processed and interpreted seismic data in Massy (France),
• moved to Stavanger in Norway in 1985 to work as an exploration geophysicist in Fina Exploration Norway  (What a terrific life he had in the wilderness of Vestlandet in western Norway!),
• suffered a cultural shock to be back to Paris when he joined Elf in 1989, working in the basin study group based in La Défense,
• transferred shortly after to the Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Feger in Pau. After splitting the wavelet in the seismic stratigraphy group for some time, he changed from the big picture to the small scale as he moved to a clastic sedimentologist position. He has described literally miles of cores and has not stopped paying attention to trace fossils and ichnofabrics since then!!!
• the Pyrenees gave him opportunities during week-ends to look at the large variety of depositional environments visible in the cliffs, specializing then in both shelf and deepwater clastic sediments; he met his wife to be Sokhary while exploring in the mountains,
• he is currently working as a clastic sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy advisor to Repsol in Madrid in Spain, supplying internal expertise to exploration projects run in both Madrid and affiliates.